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Plainfield Business Referrals is the oldest referrals network in the area by far. This organization exists to promote our member’s business. The group learns about each members’ business and actively refers those services to others.

Plainfield Business Referrals Member FAQ

Questions Often Asked of our Members

John Schrock LawJohn Schrock Law
24047 West Lockport Street
Suite 201-M
Plainfield, IL 60544


Q: How much do you charge?

A: I charge flat rates for Small Claims and Eviction cases. For more complex matters, my hourly rate is $280.00 per hour for attorney time and $100.00 per hour for paralegal time. -John Schrock Law

Q: How long will my case last and how much will it cost me?
A: Litigation takes time and costs money. The goal is to achieve resolution of your matter in an economical and timely manner. The factors that determine how long your case will last and how much it will cost are outside of my control and involves the motivation,finances and reasonableness of the opposing party and the opposing party's relationship with opposing counsel. If the opposing party and opposing attorney are unreasonable, stubborn, and acrimonious, be prepared for the long haul with the resolution of your matter coming only after a trial. -John Schrock Law

Q: What is your experience?
A: I have been a practicing litigation attorney for for over 28 years. I have tried Jury and Bench Trial in Cook, DuPage, Will, Grundy Counties as well as the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. -John Schrock Law

AmeriWeb HostingAmeriWeb Hosting
Plainfield, IL 60544


Q: What is the difference between Hosting, Design and Marketing?

A: Hosting is the space on our server where your web site is located and accessed from by visitors. We have numerous sub-routines and scripts running in the background to ensure your site remains on-line and to keep hackers out. Design is both the visual portion of the site you see, including pictures and layout, as well as the code you don't see. The hidden code helps the site run efficiently and works hand in hand with Google and Bing to get found more easily. Marketing is just that, marketing of your site. We employ numerous tactics and skills to get your site out in front of potential visitors. All of our marketing efforts are aimed at making your phone ring or getting someone to walk in your business' front door. There are many other considerations, such as domain names, keywords, title and description tags and more. -AmeriWeb Hosting

Q: What is the difference between a CMS and a Sitebuilder?
A: From the end user's perspective, very little difference exists, at least on the surface. CMS stands for Content Management System, and a Sitebuilder is a script that allows you to create a web site for yourself, often using pre-existing templates you choose from. A popular Sitebuilder is GoCentral Sitebuilder owned and offered by GoDaddy, and a popular CMS is WordPress. Both are very easy to use, however getting either to rank well on Google is a bit tricky. For your first web site, either will work for you, altho most businesses will outgrow them in a short time. Contact me to find out how affordable a hand coded web site can be for your business. -AmeriWeb Hosting

Q: What are 3 easy things I can do to promote my business on-line?
A: Promoting your business, whether on-line of off-line, is a process of small steps. Instead of looking for that one trick that will make you rich, plan on a series of small steps that, when taken together, will promote your business well. Here are 3 to start with:
1) Always use a signature on your outgoing emails. It should include your name and your business name, phone and web site URL at a minimum. You can add a slogan and other items, however try to keep it under 8 lines or so. There is nothing worse than receiving an email and having to search your contact list or Google in order to call the vendor by phone. Make it easy!
2) Make sure your web site navigation is easy to use and clear in concept. Confusing links that are difficult to find makes a site ineffective. Be clear in the pathway and riches will follow!
3) Make sure your business information appears on-line in a consistent manner. If you list your phone as (773) 735-5144 don't mix it up and occasionally use 773-735-5144. If your address end in St don't mix in Street or Strt. Also North or N, S or South etc are all less than optimal as far as getting a good rank on the search engines. Google sees these as two different citations. You will get better ranking if you are consistent.
4) I always try to give a little more, so #4 is a freebie. Contact me for a free SEO Optimization report showing tips on optimizing your web site to get the best from the search engines. It is free, and will arrive via email as a PDF. Just ask for yours!
-AmeriWeb Hosting

AmeriWeb HostingPhillip Lawrence
RE/MAX Ultimate Professionals

Plainfield, IL 60544


Q: In Real Estate Terms, What is a (CMA) Comparative Market Analysis?

A: A comparative market analysis (CMA) is usually a document that is prepared by a Real Estate professional like myself to help determine the selling price of a home by comparing it to recently sold homes in the same area of similar size and styles. To create a CMA, I look at the price of recently sold, active, and expired listings that are similar (comparable) to the home that you are wanting to sell and come up with the range of what your home should sell for.
There are two typical situations where a CMA is essential in Real Estate.
When you are wanting to list your home with a Professional (Myself).
To help my buyer determine if a home they are interested in is a good deal or not and help them determine an appropriate purchase price.

CMA’S usually are a free service by Real Estate Professionals like Myself. -Phillip Lawrence

Q: What are the 3 Steps to buy a home?
A: There are 3 Major steps in buying a home and you are usually helped by 3 Professionals along the way.
There are 3 major phases in the home buying process along with many small ones. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time buyer or if you have done it before the process is usually the same. Three professionals typically help with this process. The answers are simplified, and you can get more detailed answers by contacting myself or any of the professionals I will mention.
Step 1. Find a Lender this is the first process. A lender will run your credit, give you a pre-qualification letter on what the price range you can purchase.
Step 2. Find a Real Estate Professional (Hopefully Myself), A Real Estate Broker will compile a list of homes based upon your pre-approval from the lender and then take you to those homes till you have chosen the right home for you. Then the Real Estate Broker will write and negotiate this offer till it is a fully executed contract to purchase. This broker will schedule the necessary inspections and milestones thru the buying process to the closing table.
Step 3. Find a Attorney. An attorney will review the Contract to purchase and make sure you are protected and able to purchase the home with a fully clear title and deed to the property.
Remember these are the basic steps for information contact a Real Estate Professional (Myself) or any other of the 3 Professionals I have mentioned.

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Every Tuesday morning from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. at Larry’s Diner, 24522 Lockport Rd, Plainfield, IL 60544

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